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Welcome to the Freckleton Parish Council Web site

The web site has been operational since April 2004. A major redesign in July 2016 resulted in the version you see now. The original mission statement, to confine the site to Freckleton Parish Council matters, has been maintained.

Throughout the site you will find thumbprints of various parts of the Parish. Click on these to enlarge them.

On this site you will find the full unabridged meeting minutes from Jan 2004 onwards, the Parish Council Newsletter, the names and contact numbers of your councillors and the various Committee memberships, as well as forthcoming meeting dates and other council activities.

You are welcome to contact the Parish Council via the Parish Clerk on any matters of concern to you. However, before doing so please consult the FAQ page, your query may already have been answered.

Other details about the Parish of Freckleton can be found on the Freckleton village web site. The village web site is totally independent of the Parish Council and contains details of local businesses, shops, and organisations, as well as forthcoming activities within the Parish of Freckleton.

We hope you enjoy and support this site.


Fylde Borough Council Ward Boundaries

Everyone in Freckleton should have received a flyer regarding the <proposed Freckleton ward boundary changes>. For more information about the proposed changes see the <proposed boundary change email attachment> and the official <Flyde Electoral Review poster>

Ash Dieback campaign

Lancashire County Council are launching a campaign over the summer to raise awareness about the problem of Ash Dieback disease in Lancashire and to inform tree owners of their responsibilities to check and maintain their trees to ensure they are safe. <LCC Ash Dieback campaign notice>

Notices for Forthcoming Meetings

A list of meeting minutes awaiting approval can be found at <Meeting minutes awaiting approval>. Notices are also provided on the Community Notice Board

13/12/21 – Full Council - starting 7:00pm (FBC Full Council on 06/12/21) <December Full council meeting notice>
20/12/21 – Planning Committee - starting 7:00pm

Other Events

Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Service

The Christmas Tree Lighting and Carol Service will be held at the Cenotaph, on Tuesday 7th December 2021, commencing at 7pm. <Tree lighting and Carol service notice> <Order of Service and Carols>

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